Loyalty beyond love: How mobile programmatic will aspire brand love



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February 10, 2016 | 5 min read

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Consumers are bombarded by millions of different messages everyday in this new digital era, where home, work, and relationships are blurred distinctions. To manage their daily lives, the consumer has firmly taken control by becoming the decision makers for what they see, read, download, and more importantly what they want to block.

Loyalty beyond love

In the fast-paced mobile world, brands can’t afford to miss customer preferences, otherwise they will be quickly alienated by their target customers. As a result, brand marketers need to change the way they communicate with these new digital-savvy consumers by correctly employing mobile programmatic to accelerate a brand’s affinity with their consumers.

In short, mobile premium programmatic delivers the most relevant content, in the best format at the right moment in the perfect context to the most appropriate audience. By grasping the full potential of premium programmatic with four key principles, brands will earn consumer loyalty to engage in a lasting affair.

1. Respect your lover

Now that consumers have the power to block ads, the best solution is to engage in a one-to-one conversation and stand out using native advertising. Native mobile advertising is experiencing explosive growth, worth more than $50B USD worldwide (eMarketer). Brands not only need to seek acceptance from their customers but also capture their attention. Native mobile advertising delivers ad formats that respect the end-user and does not distract their experiences. More importantly, it enriches and educates consumers to take more informed decisions and cultivate mutual respect.

2. Find the one

Consumers are increasingly spending more time on mobile devices with changing behavioural patterns, and do not expect to be interrupted by non-contextual ads disrupting their activity. Data analytics is absolutely essential to provide this context. Mobile programmatic can reach almost any intended audience worldwide through premium publisher partnerships or engage a hyper-local audience niche. For example, first and third party data, location history, premium app usage behaviour, device OS, languages, time of day, and weather data, all help to provide context behind content. It’s time to give the right context to ads and deliver a unique and tailored experience for each individual.

3. Learn to trust

For users, it is irritating when an advertisement interrupts their mobile activity and takes them out of their activity into the browser or the app store. Adding to this frustration, the users then find themselves in front of a page or a video that does not display properly and is impossible to exit. Viewability and targeting issues are a continuous struggle for marketers but end-user experiences should not have to suffer as well. Within the mobile market today, there are no industry standards of yet, but regardless, premium programmatic is already able to guarantee 100 per cent viewability and targeting to prevent poor user experiences. This new level of authenticity can only serve to enhance trust between a brand and their customers and will transform the entire advertising industry.

4. Money matters

Engagement is the new mobile currency, set KPIs by applying data-driven decisions and evaluations. Knowing exactly when and how the customers will engage with your message and when they reject advertisements is key to building a sustainable and long-term two-way conversation. Brands need to evaluate a campaign performance based on conversions and evaluate branding campaigns based on the degree of user engagements. Also, brands should seek insights on what exactly takes place throughout the consumer experience in the conversion funnel, which can last from anything between 5 seconds to 15 minutes. Mobile programmatic marketers should measure and only pay for real impressions, real engagements, real-clicks, real-arrivals, and conversions.

Seal the deal

Communicating with customers in the most engaging and relevant ways will help brands create and nurture sustainable and positive relationships. Ultimately, loyal customers are a brand’s best ambassadors that generate lifetime value and trust. By applying these four key principles, mobile advertising can finally come of age and be a sustainable business. Monetising mobile through premium programmatic needs to be adopted more widely as it is the only way to let your consumers experience brand love.

Frédéric Joseph, Global COO, S4M

Email: london@s4m.io

Web: www.s4m.io

Twitter: @S4Mobile @FredJoseph_UKFR

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