Why offers and promotions can build brand loyalty

Dan Edelman, VP Marketing, American Express

Being a consumer in 2015 is perhaps not as straightforward as it once was. More than ever, the average person is bombarded by hundreds of images and offers from advertisers and marketers competing for their attention and buy-in.

As consumers are targeted by competing offers and promotions, it can be difficult to work out where the conscious decision-making process ends and how far offers lead to the holy grail of brand loyalty.

Indeed, in a market so saturated with offers and promotions, marketing professionals can lose sight of how to engender loyalty. American Express’ Offers programme has been designed to address this challenge by delivering demonstrable results for partner businesses and a clear path to brand loyalty.

The Amex Offers platform: Simple and relevant

At American Express we want to help consumers access the deals which matter to them, rather than just settling for what is available. To achieve this, we work with businesses to deliver a simple and personalised Offers experience and our Amex Offers platform has been created with a very clear way of thinking: enabling consumers to easily access offers for the products and services that they actually buy and use.

Amex Offers enables American Express Cardmembers to receive bespoke offer emails containing targeted offers displayed according to their purchase history. They then select the offers of interest to them and these are saved onto their American Express Card - when they use their Card to pay they see the savings automatically credited to their statement. Users do not have to redeem a voucher, generate a code or find a printer in order to access the deal; they simply have to login and select the offers available for the brands they use and value.

Driving value to businesses

And it is not just customers that value simplicity, we have found that businesses prefer as direct and straightforward an approach as consumers. By partnering with American Express, Amex Offers allows businesses to cut out much of the inefficiency, costly hassle and backroom administration that can be associated with setting up a brand promotion. Businesses which partner with American Express on Amex Offers gain access to a simple sign-up process which takes just two weeks, and with the offer applied directly to Cardmember statements it requires no staff training or voucher handling.

Equally, brands partner with us because our unique spend data means we can help them pinpoint exactly which of their customers they wish to target and how, such as targeting high spenders or simply helping drive up average spend.

In summary

Amex Offers demonstrates that benefitting from offers can be a simple and straightforward process for businesses and customers alike. We work closely with every business partner to ensure that each offer delivers value for them and that every Offers partnership effectively reaches the type of engaged customer that only American Express can provide. For more information on Amex Offers please visit: www.createamexoffers.co.uk

Dan Edelman, VP Marketing, American Express

Email: ukmarketing@aexp.com

Web: www.createamexoffers.co.uk


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