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eurobest: A movable creative feast



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October 13, 2015 | 4 min read

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In a region comprised of 51 countries, how does a roving Festival of Creativity help to inspire and unite the industry?

eurobest’s big sister, Cannes Lions, is a Festival of Creativity that’s firmly rooted in the French Riviera, which makes it an industry constant and antidote to the continually shifting communications landscape. Part of the popularity comes from being a destination – it’s a place you can make an annual pilgrimage to and the city itself is woven into the brand. As a result, we often call Cannes Lions the “home” of great ideas.

If that’s true, then eurobest is their “mobile home”. One of the key points of difference to this festival is that it travels, setting up camp across the Continent in a new city each time. A kind of caravan of creativity that has been journeying around Europe since 2008, and providing inspiration on the move.

The intentions of Cannes Lions and eurobest are shared – both celebrate and enable creativity – but by taking creativity on tour each year, eurobest provides a uniquely changing perspective on it. eurobest actively draws on each region’s different cultures cities and gathers inspiration for both the international audience and the host country.

The annual three day programme of content is dynamic, edgy and surprising in who it throws together. Creative luminaries share the stage with prop makers, performance artists, brands, copywriters, art workers and digital evangelists. The awards provide a regional creative benchmark that has helped provide a springboard for creativity from countries like Russia, Norway and Denmark, who now compete alongside traditional powerhouses like France, Germany and the UK, getting stronger and more creative in the process.

The feedback we often get from host cities is that when eurobest rolls into town it has the effect of elevating the local creative culture in this way. Following its 2014 stopover in Helsinki, Ami Hasan, Chairman of hasan & partners Group, described the impact with a very local brand of levity that perfectly encapsulates what makes eurobest unique. “I see it as a huge first leap on a journey that will help raise the level and significance of marcoms in Finland. Which in turn will help Finnish companies succeed better in all markets. Which is one of the important milestones in our journey towards the main goal - beating the shit out of Swedes.”

But we think eurobest should work in the opposite way too – that is, if creativity impacts culture, culture should have the chance to impact creativity in return.

When we look for a new location for the festival each year, we need the city’s heritage and commitment to creativity to be strong and visible, with creative companies playing a strategic role in driving historic and future success. This allows us to integrate home-grown talent into the programme and showcase the local creative environment as much as possible on a larger stage.

This year, Antwerp will host eurobest as part of its Born in Antwerp programme. – The city is famed for producing outstanding talent that includes world-renowned fashion designers, cultivating start-ups and providing a home for more than 8,000 creative businesses. Antwerp has a rich history of ideas that has powerfully influenced the festival programme - we’re excited about inhabiting their creative community and giving delegates the chance to explore and learn from the city, gathering new inspiration and ways of working.

You can join eurobest by visiting

1-3 December 2015, Antwerp, Belgium.

Louise Benson, Festival Director, eurobest

Tel: +44 (0)20 3033 4000



Twitter: @eurobest

Eurobest Festival of Creativity Creative

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