A high bounce rate is not always a bad thing



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October 8, 2015 | 3 min read

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With the advent of smart phones and other mobile devices, mobile advertising has become the in thing. Most people who engage in it believe that it will bring the business that they need. One of the major challenges facing mobile advertising however, is the high bounce rate.

A bounce is when someone clicks on the advert leading to your page and then does not click on any other pages. They visit that one page and then exit the website. The question becomes, why are they not clicking through to other pages?

Isua Botman (founder Targetoo DSPS) says we can roughly narrow it down to 4 situations. One of which is actually positive.

  1. β€˜β€™The keywords used do not correlate well with the ad and the landing pages. This means that the information on the website is not relevant.
  2. Website usability is poor since the site is not mobile friendly. If the person has to struggle with viewing and navigating through the site, chances of leaving the site are high. People want a site that fits perfectly within the screen of their mobile devices.
  3. A banner (in most cases an interstitial) could be illegally served. In this particular situation a user has to click on the banner for it to disappear; creating false visitors to a certain landingpage.
  4. However, in certain cases site-owners have all their information on the same page instead of tactfully leading their visitors from one page to the next. This means that the person simply scrolls down and does not have to click through to other pages."

Having a high bounce rate does not mean that you have it all wrong. In fact, it can be an indicator that you have all the information readily available to the person who needs it right on the landing page. If you have appropriately directed the person from the ad by linking it to the right page which holds sufficient information, there will be no need to move from page to page. This is to your credit, a testament that you have provided all the necessary information in one click of a button.’’

So perhaps this is true; a high bounce rate is not necessarily an indication for a bad-performing landingpage.

Isua Botman, CEO, Targetoo / MobileFirst

Tel: 020 3737 2988

Email: contact@targetoo.co.uk

Web: www.targetoo.co.uk / www.mobilefirst.works

Twitter: @MobileFirst_

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