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Print isn’t dead, but it’s changing…

For a number of years, some have been predicting the death of print in the marketing industry, due to the ever increasing prevalence of digital. In reality however, the role of print has changed from a channel competing with digital for budget, to a distinct, personal and even luxurious option.

Message Overload

Part of this can be explained by the fact that we are bombarded by all manner of digital advertising in our daily lives, whether by banner ads on our work computers, in-app advertising on our smartphones, or email promotions. We are constantly hit by digital marketing messages and have become adept at tuning them out.

The opportunity for the print industry has been to use its tangibility to grab this attention that digital is losing. The tactile nature of high quality print means that it stands out from the digital messages and is valued, with the result that customers remember the message it is communicating. This phenomenon is not lost on even the biggest digital-led companies; even Facebook ramped up their traditional advertising spend to £6 million in the UK this year from £16,000.

Print back in vogue

Certain aspects of print are genuinely back in vogue and are becoming increasingly valued by top brands as a means of differentiating their message from the noise of mass communications, which can deliver broad reach but limited traction. For example, the niche sector of PocketMedia - high quality, portable and retainable print solutions – has been mirroring the aggressive growth in the digital arena for mobile communications. We at Z-CARD have a straightforward explanation: with various stats highlighting the decline in attention spans in recent years, combined with a rapidly increasing choice of channels with which to communicate, the challenge is to grab and hold this limited attention span ahead of the competition!

Relevant and valued content is king

As with campaigns through any channel, relevant and valued content is king if you’re going to stand out, and it has to be matched with eye catching design, concise meaningful copy and ideally offer an interactive element to ensure it is remembered.

Driving Innovation

At Z-CARD we firmly believe that there has never been a better time for print, as we drive innovation in order to provide clients with solutions that allow them to differentiate themselves. Over the past two decades we have seen trends change as different marketing channels have come in and out of favour.

We’ve noticed that clients have been choosing to combine mobile convenience with eye catching covers or special finishes, such as metallic inks, hot foiling, embossing and drip off, so that their print can deliver tactile and inspirational marketing messages and delivering them directly into their customers’ hands.

Create lasting relationships

So, while requirements for print have dramatically changed over the past few years, rather than being replaced by digital channels there has been a drive in innovation to make sure that print stays relevant to clients’ needs. The need for print is still there, but it has to add to the brand interaction, creating memorable experiences and lasting relationships between client and brand.

Alastair Love, Marketing Manager, Z-CARD

Tel: 020 7924 5147




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