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The premium video marketplace

However the medium, technology, and audience have changed, a simple fact remains – people love great advertising! Guinness, Coca-Cola, the Cadbury’s Gorilla; from Piccadilly Circus to the family TV, advertising worked brilliantly for most of the 20th century.

We’re now in the process of transitioning brand advertising to the 21st century and digital first. Instead of seeing engaging ads across the room, it’s within touching distance. But when technology finds relevance like never before and great creative lands in front of the right individual, it’s pretty spectacular for brands and their agencies.

The great news is that programmatic video will play a crucial role in recreating the living room of the old days. It will bring amazing science and technology to the art of right time, right place, right message.

Video is different and it’s harder. It’s far more complex than display and much more like TV than most digital advertising. It combines the sight, sound and motion marketers have come to love on TV for the last 50 years with the incredible power of data that digital can provide. Video is the only form of advertising that brings together the art of changing hearts and minds with the science of data and technology.

The goals and outcomes of video are different as well. When it comes to programmatic specifically, display is very performance driven and focused around price (how cheap can I get it?) and reach (who can I get?). Programmatic video is about branding, awareness and engagement – TV on steroids. Programmatic video can span the entire funnel, measuring awareness at the top with viewability metrics, with completion and conversion metrics toward the lower end. We’re seeing clients utilise these types of strategies every day for the world’s largest brands. But this is only made possible through the sophisticated technology that powers next-generation DSPs and SSPs.

It can’t just be about price and reach in video – before you can drive efficiency, technology must understand performance or what are you really paying for? DSPs that are driven just by reach and price are a race to the bottom, not a race to the top where brand advertising is both effective and efficient.

Diversity and scale of supply provide the liquidity necessary for a strong market. Transparency drives the highest standards so you know everything possible and delivered, across all screens – viewability, what’s working, what’s not working and why.

It sounds complicated, but the important thing to remember is that programmatic is the means to an end. And the end is great brand outcomes for video advertising campaigns.

What’s not to love?

Sue Hunt, Managing Director, EMEA, Tremor Video

Tel: 0203 586 8260



Twitter: @TremorVideo