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From multichannel strategies to mobile solutions – what’s topping the business digital priority list for 2015?



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February 3, 2015 | 4 min read

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Following the launch of our latest customer experience report: ‘CX: Survival of the Fittest’, we decided to take a look at what’s topping our client's and prospective client's digital priority lists in 2015.

What’s topping the business digital priority list for 2015?

Over the past few months we have been polling CEOs and senior professionals from the commercial, not for profit and public sectors at a number of events both here, in Australia and in Asia.

We asked them to rate their own company’s ‘CX Fitness’ using the model and test from our report and they were all asked same question:

Which of the following areas would you choose to invest in in 2015 if you were given the budget?

1.A highly engaging and results-driven social presence

2.A new transaction-focused website (versus one that’s information based)

3.Targeted and innovative solutions for mobile and tablet devices

4.A forward-looking digital strategy that’s woven throughout the business

Given that we were polling executives from sectors as diverse as education and finance, in locations as equally diverse as London and Hong Kong it is clear that 2014’s buzz around ‘digital transformation’ has got everyone looking at their existing operations and services with a sense of fear as it was option 4 - a new multichannel strategy for digital - that came top of the wish list for almost all.

Equally surprising was how low each attendee scored their own company’s ability to adapt to change and deliver excellent customer experience in the new digital world.

Our CX Fitness test ranks organisations into one of four categories: endangered, exposed, contender or champion.

Of those who took the test, almost everyone rated themselves as exposed.

In a room full of their competitors, everyone answered very honestly and in doing so what became clear was that there is a fundamental need and more importantly a desire to invest in a solid digital strategy that can help drive an organisation forward and ensure digital investment is spent wisely over the long term.

In 2014, Precedent celebrated its 25th anniversary and what’s incredible is that we share it with the very thing that sits at the heart of our business: the world wide web.

But as a full service digital agency, the services we offer have continued to adapt and change over the years in order to ensure we can remain relevant to our clients.

What’s interesting is that five years after all the hubbub about ‘web 2.0’ and ‘we need to build an app!’ digital has finally arrived at its rightful destination: the boardroom.

It is now being looked at as the key driver of business transformation for even the most traditional sectors and it is now understood that there’s no magical ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to digital.

Each organisation needs a digital strategy that’s interwoven into the wider business strategy. What is now apparent to organisations of all shapes and sizes is that those who put the customer experience at the heart of their organisational strategy will be the ones most likely to succeed in 2015 and beyond.

To take the CX Fitness test and find out what your organisation should be focusing on in 2015, why not download our free report: CX Survival of the fittest at

Lindsay Herbert, global head of digital, Precedent,


Twitter: @precedentcomms

CX Industry Insights CX: Survival of the Fittest

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