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Quality over quantity – creating content you want to play with



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January 22, 2015 | 4 min read

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The rise of social media and the ever increasing proliferation of technology mean consumers are ‘always on’.

Quality over quantity – creating content you want to play with

This is well documented and something most good marketers are fully aware of, but what are they doing to leverage the opportunities this brave new world represents?

It comes down to content. However, while content marketing has been defined for a while now, for some brands to really succeed they need to deliver high quality, interactive content.

Content plays a different role depending on the goals of a brand and often it’s not enough just to create high quality branded content; sometimes you need to make sure it’s content that consumers really engage with and want to share with their peers.

For some, to really stand out, that content needs to promote and increase participation.

A good example of this kind of content is BuzzFeed.

Its big hits last year included the Game of Thrones name generator and the Orange is the New Black tattoo generator, both proving a big success across social media.

Today, this approach is not unique to publishers such as BuzzFeed. Indeed, more and more brands are using gamification to create good branded participatory content.

One example is Müller’s #wordtoyourmuller campaign where it took its rapping bear, ‘Tasty B’, from appearing purely in above the line activity and brought him to life on social media.

Müller’s consumers wanted and expected an interactive experience with the character. So, a Twitter account was created for the bear with any tweet ending in #wordtoyourmuller being replied to from the account with a personalised rap.

This has allowed Müller to produce and own unique content that helps it stand out from the crowd and really engage its fans.

As testament to its success, the campaign won a 2014 W3 Silver Award

in the experimental/innovative category within social.

The awards recognise the most innovative, groundbreaking and cutting-edge social media experiences.

As we all know, the customer journey today isn’t separated in to online and offline, they interact across multiple channels, often simultaneously, and expect brands to do the same.

This makes the versatility of content increasingly important. For example, a video that is well received through social media can be re-purposed for digital out of home.

Using content in such an integrated way provides both consistency and a greater return on investment than developing different executions for different channels.

This is an approach PepsiMax has adopted recently. In a collaborative project, PepsiMax integrated ‘unbelievable’ Vine videos into outdoor ads. This marked a further shift in the brand’s focus away from traditional TV led campaigns to digital, interactive channels.

While quality over quantity still remains the key when it comes to creating good content, by adding a participatory element, brands can deepen their relationship with the audience and really stand out.

Interactive and shareable experiences also result in greater reach as consumers engage and share their experience with their networks, encouraging others to get involved.

Brian Taylor, managing director digital marketing, Jaywing

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Jaywing Content Marketing BuzzFeed

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