Predictions for programmatic in 2015 – Print set to flourish in this new era of digital advertising

We’ve entered an era where programmatic is the new 'normal'.

Programmatic: Predictions for 2015

If you’ve seen the front cover of the latest issue of The Drum, you’ll know PubMatic, the programmatic advertising platform company for leading publishers, has launched its debut Programmatic Outlook Report, featuring its analysis of where the industry is headed and predictions for programmatic in 2015.

We’ve included a taster from the report in this month’s edition of The Drum. In the below excerpt, Kirk McDonald, President at PubMatic, discusses how programmatic has evolved and why media companies are going to flourish in this new era of digital advertising.

Programmatic: The new normal

As more and more users consume content on various screens, we remain committed to making their experience more holistic, creating a reading experience that depends on the successful personal identification of each reader across platforms to make sure each user’s engagement with content is seamless and uninterrupted.

This is not a mere technical hurdle. It’s at the heart of the true promise of programmatic. As with all great industries, this one also will continue to thrive only if it benefits all involved, which means advertisers, media buyers, publishers, and consumers alike.

The latter are perhaps the most important part of the equation: without sounding too hyperbolic, it is not much of a stretch to say that the future of the often beleaguered publishing industry depends on readers having an increasingly beneficial experience, which in turn depends on providing them with content and advertising that is relevant to them.

This is what programmatic does, and by doing so it is doing much more than merely automating the process of selling ads.

The ability to deliver and monetise engagement through programmatic has benefited publishers of all types – from The Atlantic, which was founded in 1857 and now sees growing revenue from both its print and digital operations, to more recent innovators like BuzzFeed, Pinterest and Vice, each of which are proving that creative approaches to editorial and advertising can enable new (and lucrative) business models.

If you want to understand why media companies flourish even as the popular imagination would have us believe that print is dead, that no one reads anymore, and that the great journalistic enterprise is doomed, you have to look no further than programmatic…

To read the full chapter and find out what you need to know about programmatic in 2015, download your copy of PubMatic’s inaugral Programmatic Outlook Report here:

Kirk McDonald, president, PubMatic

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