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Mobile marketing – Key steps for beating bounce rates



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January 6, 2015 | 5 min read

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Why is my bounce rate higher on mobile devices?

Today’s marketer has to face the reality that bounce rates on mobile devices are often higher than they are on desktop PCs.

It’s a frustrating and inescapable fact of life, but that doesn’t have to be the end of the story.

With the right data, you can determine why visitors are bouncing and take steps to remedy the situation.

Netbiscuits can provide you with that data, enabling you to optimize your content and increase page views, time spent on site, conversion rates and, crucially, the return on your marketing investment.

Different visitors will bounce for different reasons – this is where our ability to overlay segmented personas on bounce rate data really shines through.

Mobile phones are with their owners all day every day, but the user’s context can vary dramatically. Our smart dashboards will show you bounce rates around the clock, to help you understand how context impacts your site.

For example, a visitor who bounces in the early morning may be a commuter using 3G services to browse your site. Long-form content or high-definition video simply isn’t going to suit their situation, causing them to drop off.

Conversely, if time spent on site is lower around lunchtime, it may be that your content is too lightweight for office-based visitors using a sturdy wireless network and looking for in-depth information.

Unless you know the difference between the two sets of behaviour, how can you evaluate which content you should serve at which times of day and to which segments of your audience? (Hint: you can’t - that’s where we come in!)

All of the above can easily be seen within Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics in the form of visual tiles on your dashboard.

Tiles are graphical representations of the activity on your site – such as the bandwidth of your users, their location or the mobile device they used – all with full supporting metrics such as bounce rates, conversion rates, sessions and so on to help you draw comparisons and identify campaign improvements. Amongst the tiles available are:

  • Personas, to help categorise your visitors by their browsing habits and create defined user segments which you can target with content and campaigns;
  • By Hour, which looks at fluctuations in behaviour and patterns of engagement with your content throughout the day;
  • Devices, which can quickly show you if your content is failing with a particular brand or model of smartphone, tablet or other device type;

There are many other helpful tiles, together with an advanced filtering system, for really understanding what content works with your visitors and what may be causing them to leave your site prematurely.

As any marketer knows, creating engaging content isn’t cheap, so there’s no point in taking a scatter-gun approach and crossing your fingers.

Having definitive data on the best time of day to run campaigns targeted to different audiences can produce a dramatic increase in conversion and ROI – the be-all and end-all for the majority of marketers.

Armed with the context-specific data from Netbiscuits smart dashboards, you can more effectively plan your campaigns and make the most of your budgets.

Bounce rates are affected by more than just bandwidth and time-of-day though. The handsets, screen sizes, operating systems and mobile browsers your visitors use also play their part and Netbiscuits has the most comprehensive data available on all these criteria.

Optimizing your mobile sites to perform at their best on the most relevant devices has a plethora of benefits.

Not only do you improve the all-important user experience for your customers, you also save time and expense by being able to decide which combinations you no longer need to support. Why design assets for older browsers which none of your customers are using?

The further you can entice customers into your site, moving them from the initial landing page to more in-depth, relevant content, the greater your engagement will be.

Reducing bounce rates should be a key focus for any marketer wanting to fully engage with their mobile audience and Netbiscuits can provide you with the tools to do just that.

Learn more about how Netbiscuits can help you unlock the data you need to make smarter decisions about mobile marketing, or take a FREE product trial and see the benefits for yourself.

Jon Simmonds, senior marketing manager, Netbiscuits


Twitter: @netbiscuits

Industry Insights Mobile Analytics

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