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From technologists to analytics – Hiring trends in 2014 and some predictions for 2015

Sphere Digital Recruitment


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December 22, 2014 | 6 min read

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It’s all about technology and data

From technologists to analytics – Hiring trends in 2014 and some predictions for 2015

2014 has been another busy year for those involved in the marketing, advertising and creative sectors. The market remains very buoyant; with business growing and a number of exciting opportunities available to people with niche skills.

The landscape continues to change and advertising is being driven by emerging technologies that are increasingly becoming a critical part of marketers’ plans and agencies businesses, whilst providing new revenue streams for publishers.

The big winners are the businesses who build and own the technology that shapes the way the advertising landscape works yet this provides greater opportunities for everyone concerned.

Here are some trends from 2014, from advertisers to publishers and ad tech providers and agencies.

Sales: The changing landscape in digital trading has led to businesses looking to hire a new breed of sales person. In many quarters selling advertising is no longer a matter of selling a campaign. It’s about selling a platform and technology.

And this more consultative sell, with a longer lead time, has meant that advertising technology companies want to hire sales people with different skills.

Much like marketing technology businesses, advertising technology companies have started to deal with clients directly with more regularity - again this requires a different contact book and a different skill set. Both of these trends will continue in 2015 and beyond.

Marketing: Online marketing continues to become more automated and consumers continue to become more social. It is no great surprise that we have seen a rapid increase in demand from both agencies and brands for candidates with paid social experience.

There is still a constant demand for paid search experience yet we have seen no great year on year increase in demand in search candidates.

Biddable media managers and candidates who can work across all biddable channels

are also in great demand. As tech companies like Marin Software’s’ 'tech stack' allows advertisers to buy search, social and display on one platform, we will see marketers required to understand all of these channels in a more connected way.

Insight and Analytics: Digital is a data driven environment. It always has been. And the amount of data available from publishers, tech companies, agencies and their trading desks and brands first party data has led to data being the key driver in the media buying and marketing process.

The fastest growing area in 2014, from a demand point of view, has been analysts.

Digital analysts, web analysts, data analysts, people who can interpret large data sets to tell or story and harbour a greater understanding of a business’s audience and their customers are an ever more important part of a company’s team.

Creative: We have seen an uplift in the demand for in-house creative talent. Particularly in UI and UX. Brands continue to build their digital team and having the best talent in-house has become an important part of their e-commerce and online strategy. Designers and developers with experience in the latest technologies are always in hot demand.

Technologists: Agency networks like GroupM increasingly describe themselves as technologists.

And this theme continues across businesses and sectors. Advertising and marketing becomes more technology focused each year, and as a result the businesses that operate in this space and the people who work in it are required to become increasingly tech savvy.

The areas that we see the most increased demand for talent, and where we see businesses growing the fastest, all revolve around technology and the technologists who build the platform, sell it to customers, work with it and ensure it delivers an ROI and interpret the data that is generated from clients campaigns and publishers and advertisers websites.

Technology is making marketing and advertising more exciting and it drives the emerging and changing landscape that we all operate in.

Trends for next year

Everything points to another busy year in the marketing and advertising recruitment market. Businesses will continue to grow and require people to do so.

Anybody involved in digital has a great career path - the internet isn’t going anywhere - and we will see the greatest demand in areas where it is tough to find talent and where brands are spending more money. A few of these areas are programmatic trading and data, as well as channels like social, mobile (particularly mobile advertising and payments) and video.

Our value lies in our Data

In the course of a day we deal with people at advertisers, agencies, tech companies and publishers.

As a well organised and data and technology focused business we own a huge amount of valuable data. And we want to share that with all of our customers to help them make good decisions.

Whether that’s who to hire or what business to join next. There are hard and fast rules for businesses who want to hire great people and for people who are changing roles.

Our greatest value lies in the data we hold and our expertise in helping businesses and people grow.

For more information about any of the trends that we have touched upon please contact us.

Ed Steer, co-founder and managing director, Sphere Digital Recruitment

Tel: 020 3728 2973



Twitter: @SphereDigRec

Digital Industry Insights Programmatic

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Sphere Digital Recruitment

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We are passionate about the fast moving and rapidly growing Digital industry and we are proud of our role in helping digital businesses grow and people take the next step in their career. 

We think it’s our job to be the experts. And it’s important to us that everyone at Sphere is interested in the ever-changing digital world. 

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It’s tough to find great Digital talent: As well as our knowledge, experience and network it’s our attitude to working with you that epitomises our approach to recruitment at Sphere Digital. Put simply, We Will Work Harder – both for our candidates and for our clients, each and every time.


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