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CARE: Fixing customer experience with digital in four simple steps



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November 19, 2014 | 5 min read

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It’s taken years of online reviews, comparison sites, and digital challenger brands to trigger the eureka moment, but senior business leaders everywhere are finally seeing the link between competitive advantage and great customer experience – and understanding that digital is the way to achieve both.

CARE: Fixing customer experience with digital in four simple steps

CARE: Fixing customer experience with digital in four simple steps

With so many digital tools and channels to choose from, knowing how to prioritise your approach to customer experience is only half the battle. We believe the answer to great customer experience can be found by working through Precedent’s CARE model of CX fitness which forms the basis of its latest report, CX: Survival of the Fittest.

A sample of the CARE model can be found, below. By answering each question, regardless of your sector – commercial, non-profit or public sector – you can begin to assess how well equipped your organisation is to survive change and meet your customers’ evolving needs and quickly identify if the customer experience you are providing makes your organisation Endangered, Exposed, a Challenger or a CX Champion.

1. Culture: Do your organisation’s values match the needs of your modern day customers?

Too many business see digital as a way of cutting staff out of interactions completely, instead of using it to free staff to help customers elsewhere: in person, on the website, on mobile and tablet, and social media.

Ultimately what’s needed is a new service design strategy, backed at CEO level that uses digital to align your mission statement with what customers want, and deliver to both simultaneously.

2. Analysis: Is your organisation gathering and reacting to the right data?

Organisations need to be prepared to fix problems, not just capture them in surveys and file them away. And when changes in customer behaviour are spotted, you need to make sure your offers and services are primed and ready to adapt.

Most organisation needs a new data strategy in today’s connected world, but it also needs to be paired with staff who are empowered at customer level to tailor offers and resolve issues as they arise.

3. Rational: How does your core offer stack up to the competition?

Service and product interactions should meet core needs and be hassle-free, regardless of what department or channel the customers are engaging with – but this is rarely the case.

People expect to deal with one organisation, not multiple isolated sites and sub brands. For this to work, the business needs joined up backend IT systems, a unified web presence, and most importantly, sub-brands to be non-competing and collaborative.

4. Emotional: Is your organisation elevating and delighting customers?

Digital done right means customers feel valued and remembered. But many organisations find it hard to strike the right balance between entertaining users and using digital to actually deliver business value.

By combining strategic planning and iterative project cycles, organisations can use testing in real environments to incrementally improve interactions, while keeping in line with business goals.

Take the test: What's your CX Fitness Score?

Precedent’s latest report, CX: Survival of the Fittest, reveals what the economy has been proving since the recession: organisations today need to radically innovate their approach to customer experience or risk losing even more of their share of the rapidly shrinking market.

You can take the CX Fitness Test to check your own company’s CX health score by downloading the free comprehensive report here.

Precedent is an international full service digital agency that specialises in the commercial, nonprofit and public sectors.

From digital strategy to implementation they work with a broad range of clients to implement digital solutions that improve efficiency, engagement and the overall experience.

If you have a digital challenge or customer experience issue to solve, get in touch at or call 020 7426 8905.

Lindsay Herbert, global head of digital, Precendent

Tel: 020 7426 8900



Twitter: @precedentcomms

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