The joy of CX and UX: Why both should be in bed together for brands

The joy of CX and UX: In bed together

As customers become more savvy online they are influencing our approach more than ever.

With brands like Amazon and Ryanair constantly reviewing and refining their CX, the expectation of the customer increases by the day. With our CX jimmy hat firmly on, we take a look at how to achieve a great UX by embracing some hard-core know-how.

We were very proud to be sponsoring the recent ‘The Joy of CX’ event. The whole team at Kolab are truly passionate about this subject and we gained some alternative thinking and valuable insight throughout the day.

So, let’s start with some foreplay, what is the difference? Well to us, CX would be the emotional side of the relationship, all the touch points required to communicate your brand, whilst UX is the physical, the items required to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. Bringing these two together will conceive a move relevant and memorable experience.

So let’s explore just some of the areas where we can look at improving UX to enhance the customer experience.

Analyse and prioritise

Analytics tell us what people are looking at historically and in real time, which begins to build part of the picture, but you can’t rely on that solely as this data is based on the audience that you currently have. You need to combine this with coffee shop research (or wherever takes your fancy!) with small focus groups; you can then start tapping into a new user perspective from your target market.

Next, prioritise your content. Here is an example; let’s say that 60 per cent of your website visitors are coming through on a mobile device, you should already be thinking about designing ‘mobile first’ but you can take this a step further by analysing the content visited through that device.

With this knowledge, you can prioritise and sometimes eliminate the content for that audience, creating a relevant and engaging experience by eliminating the clutter. This is all easily achievable, but it is still surprising how many businesses do not take advantage of this easily accessible data.

That personal touch

Behavioural segmentation is key, you really need to understand how the user is going to interact with your product and more importantly... why? Often much is done to understand the user in the early stages, but it’s equally important to revisit those personas beyond any launch, keeping the user at the forefront of any decision whether it be content, features or functionality related.

Take this a step further by experiencing your customer’s journey yourself! A simple tried and tested approach like this can sometimes give you the most valuable insight of all. Also, watch others go through the same experience, how did their experience differ from yours?

Don’t forget to KISS

Keeping it simple can always improve your UX. Think about how you can simplify the CX making the journey smooth, rewarding and faster. If you start your CX in the form of a printed advert for example, then rather than just adding your website address at the bottom, create a shorter or more creative url that directs the customer directly to the relevant content residing within the website.

This will avoid them searching for the content through a variety of clicks from the home page. Bespoke landing pages can personalise the site even further. We often try to say too much, if we work on what we can withdraw, we can achieve saying so much more in a meaningful way. People are busy and brevity is powerful.

Speak to me!

We can all relate to a good/bad customer experience and the most poignant of memories has to be the way we were spoken to. Through landing page content you can effectively ‘speak’ to your customers and what better way to do it than with the ability to show empathy. By keeping in mind how you like to be spoken to as customers, it’s much easier to relay empathy to your audience.

The climax!

It helps to know your UX from your CX but keeping a holistic view of both will bring the greatest results.

One just can’t work without the other. A consistent approach across all touch-points will keep your customers referring and returning for more!

Giles Vincent, strategic and creative director, Kolab Digital

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3176 5970



Twitter: @kolabdigital

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