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CX Economy

A brave new world: events and activations in a permanently altered reality

From event formats and health standards to logistics, ticketing and the integration of technology, events have been permanently changed in the pandemic and post-pandemic eras. Brands and agencies are launching hybrid events that fuse in-person activities with virtual elements; they are considering micro-events and series-based models; they are investing in new technology from QR codes to AR and metaverse meetups. In this session, we bring together the brands and experts who are fearlessly spearheading the new future of events.

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Lynn Lester

managing director of events, The Drum

Benjamin Lickfett

global head of digital innovation, Diageo

Melissa Noakes

head of sponsorship & events, Santander
CX Economy

Confessions of a CX makeover: how to revitalize experiences by fusing technology with purpose

In increasingly crowded markets, brand recognition and a great product aren’t enough. Customers demand design, experiences and services that are seamless, lightning-fast, easy to navigate and enjoyable every step of the way. Creating such experiences often requires brands to gather customer feedback, improve interoperability, streamline physical and digital interfaces and create moments that surprise and delight. But with a CX makeover, where do you start? How do you avoid common pitfalls and activate at speed? In this session, we bring together brands and technologists who have pulled off some of the best CX transformations in recent years to answer these and other questions.

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Olivia Borsje

head of marketing, Ladder

Hannah Bowler

journalist, The Drum

Greg Morwick

product management – digital experience, Royal Caribbean Group
CX Economy

Customer of 2030 – the catalyst for change in CX

Everyone talks about Millennials, Generation Z, and digital natives, but then there’s Generation Alpha – the first truly digitally immersed humans. While their elders have grown used to certain standards and ways of interacting with businesses, the 2030 customer won’t settle for the status quo. They will demand better customer journeys, services, experiences and ESG. Only the businesses that deliver this will thrive. This session will cover everything you need to know about Generation Alpha, including their purchase habits and CX expectations, and offer actionable advice so you can prepare your business now for the customer of 2030.

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James Stokes

enterprise team lead, UK&I, Infobip

Katja Sizova

global tribe leader, digital marketing & ecommerce, direct to consumer, Phillips
CX Economy

Run by robots: The stores of the future are here, and they know what you want

Customers are demanding more from retailers - and businesses are paying close attention. Around 89% expect to compete solely on the customer experience and the need to cater to the individual. A holistic digital transformation is taking place, as retailers implement new technology and digital services in order to engage customers, serving them richer and more memorable experiences at every stage of the customer journey. In this session, we will talk about how implementing tools like AI, AR, personalization, touch screens, immersive physical experiences and more can set a retailer apart from its rivals.

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Zoe Kelleher

club exec, AND Digital

Will Harvey

global digital innovation manager, Diageo

Michaeljon Alexander-Scott

chief executive officer and co-founder, Thread Innovation

A match made on TikTok: connecting brands with creators

More than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be creators, in no small part fuelled by the explosive growth of TikTok. The burgeoning creator economy gives brands new and exciting ways to engage with the existing creator community – but how are the most successful brands on TikTok marrying authenticity and all-important performance metrics to build brand fame? In this session, we’ll explore what it takes to spark that successful connection between brands and creators, spotlighting some of the most successful matches to date, while digging deeper into the tangible, measurable impact of TikTok as an always on performance channel.

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Ben Jeffries

chief executive officer and co-founder,

Sherice Banton

content creator, TikTok

Jenni Baker

assistant editor - features, reports & research, The Drum

Luke Townsin

head of operations, TikTok creator marketing (EMEA), TikTok

Tapping into the opportunity of creators in B2B

Today, LinkedIn has among the fastest-growing creator ecosystems. From established personalities with a loyal following like YouTuber Caspar Lee to emerging subject matter experts and academics, creators are flocking to LinkedIn to build their personal brands, their businesses and their followings — increasingly via B2B partnerships. To support them, the social networking site has rolled out a range of powerful new tools, including audio events and ‘Creator Mode’, available to all creators in Europe. In this session, Julien Wettstein, head of creator community in EMEA and LATAM at LinkedIn and previous Drum B2B Award winner Jack Trew, strategy director of The Croc, chat with The Drum’s Kendra Clark about what it means to be a creator on LinkedIn and how both creators and B2B brands can make the most of the platform.

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Kendra Clark

reporter, The Drum

Julien Wettstein

EMEA & LATAM head of creator management, LinkedIn

Jack Trew

strategy director, The Croc

Rishad Tobaccowala on rediscovering the soul of your business in the post-lockdown era

For four decades Rishad Tobaccowala has been one of the industry’s leading voices. Now was we head into the unknown of the post-lockdown world, he tells us what businesses need to do to connect with a consumer that we might not recognize anymore. In a revealing fireside chat with The Drum US Editor Kenneth Hein, Tobaccowala explains why data, digital and humanity go hand-in-hand as well as what it takes for a business to restore its soul.

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Ken Hein

editor, US, The Drum

Rishad Tobaccowala

author and speaker, Business Advisor
CX Economy

From CX to EX: future proofing the workplace to meet the expectations of today’s talent

When we think of ‘experience’ in the context of business, we often focus on the customer – but without the right talent in place, the customer experience (CX) is missing a vital piece of the puzzle. So how are today’s employers investing that same level of commitment to their employee experience (EX) and closing the loop to deliver richer digital experiences for all? The Drum sits down with global CX leaders to hear how they are creating industry leading EX and look at the role of digital transformation in future proofing the workplace to meet the expectations of today’s marketing talent.

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Manuela Montagnana

chief people officer, Criteo

Elke Van Tienen

global head of people, VMLY&R COMMERCE

Brendan McCarthy

chief marketing officer, Criteo

Katy Howell

chief executive officer, Immediate future
CX Economy

Loyalty marketing, the key to navigating a cookieless future: are you listening?

The cookieless future is looming, and marketers are scrambling for ways to combat the drop in performance that is already beginning to show. We look at how new loyalty marketing strategies across the metaverse, NFT’s and blockchain are driving engagement, and what this means for how you should be planning to combat the deprecation of third party cookies. Lastly, we’ll look at a couple of case studies from Budweiser and Red Bull Racing to see the steps they’re taking to drive engagement across the customer journey which lays a foundation for future targeting and acquisition.

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Lisa Collins

director of strategy, CX, Oracle

Is identity dead? The new landscape of ad targeting takes shape

As cookies crumble, new approaches to user tracker and ad targeting have gained esteem among publishers, developers, marketers and media players. Among the most popular have been so-called ‘universal’ ID solutions, single identifiers tied to specific users within the digital ecosystem. However, as consumer data regulations and enforcement grow more stringent and big tech companies like Apple and Google introduce new policies designed to inhibit advertisers’ and developers’ abilities to track individual users across apps and websites, ID-based approaches to the cookieless future are gaining increasing scrutiny. Can contextual targeting promise the same effectiveness? Are first- and zero-party data models the only feasible way forward? In this session we ask experts if identity is dead — and what the future of targeting might look like.

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Christy Harris

director of technology & privacy research, Future of Privacy Forum

Steven Francolla

head of partnerships, Permutive

Myles Younger

vice-president of go-to-market, Media.Monks

Kevin Freemore

SVP, media, tech & data, 4A's

Attention on publishing: how attention technologies are empowering publishers

The demise of third-party cookies and other invasive tracking technologies has driven advertisers to reconsider their approaches and forced publishers to address the potential negative impact on their revenues. New attention-based technologies are proving their worth to advertisers but do they also represent a ray of hope for publishers? Can attention be good for everyone?

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Ramy Yared

senior vice president, global head of supply, Playground xyz

Charlotte McEleny

publisher, APAC, The Drum

George Odysseos

chief commercial officer, Planet Sport Group

What media data is really important for marketers?

In a world in which privacy concerns are turning the tide on how the media industry uses data, it is time to take stock of what data we really need. What data is truly useful to track, optimize and measure marketer's KPIs? How do attention metrics, brand safety and viewability data factor into all of this? This session will look to uncomplicate the complicated and get down to the essentials on what media data is really important for marketers.

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Charlotte McEleny

publisher, APAC, The Drum

Abhishek Grover

head of digital marketing group, SEAO, Samsung Asie Pte Ltd.

Pritika Hemmady

enterprise sales director, APAC, DoubleVerify

Anny Huang

head of digital business, Income

Prerna Mehrotra

CEO, media APAC & managing director, media group, Singapore, dentsu international
Future of TV

Inside the race to create a better cross-channel currency for CTV

While the industry has gotten digital advertising down to a precise science, the increasingly fragmented world of connected television (CTV) and over-the-top (OTT) media still faces major hurdles to achieving precise and reliable ad targeting and measurement. In the last year or so, much of the debate has focused on the effectiveness of the traditional panel-based approach to measurement, with critics arguing that such a model fails to capture the whole picture of TV and video viewership and user trends. Industry mainstays have been the subject of increasing scrutiny, while challengers have proposed new, innovative frameworks that seek to improve cross-channel ad effectiveness and measurement — through artificial intelligence, census-based methods and more. In this session, top industry players duke out the best new theories for optimizing CTV/OTT targeting and measurement.

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Samantha Lister

senior director data solutions, Finecast

Tania Yuki

chief marketing officer, Comscore

Laura Chaibi

director of ad marketing and insights, international, Roku

Tess O'Brien

VP, demand software sales, FreeWheel
Future of TV

The future of TV: accessibility, addressability and affordability for all?

Still grappling with the evolution of TV and what it means for brands and consumers alike? Then this session is for you. We’ll be covering the evolving television landscape: bundling (and un-bundling), the future of on-demand, and how traditional broadcast TV is keeping up. You’ll leave with a clear view of how brands can take advantage of the best of both worlds – both streaming and linear.

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Sean Cotton

president, Coegi

John McCarthy

media editor, The Drum

Safiya Pomell

head of business, Wilderness Agency

Sophie Pesenti

head of product, FX Digital

Pepsi CMO Todd Kaplan discusses the brands recent play into the NFT space and why other brands should also explore

Pepsi chief marketing officer Todd Kaplan chats to The Drum’s Hannah Bowler about its plays in the NFT space encouraging other brands to dip their toes in the water and explore web3 for themselves.

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Hannah Bowler

journalist, The Drum

Todd Kaplan

vice president, marketing, Pepsi TM, Pepsico
Gaming & The Metaverse

Influencers and creators don’t need brands on the new internet: how web3 will reconfigure content monetization models

Today, creators — everyone from Instagram models to podcasters — monetize their content with ads. But as we hurtle toward the much-anticipated web3 and a fundamentally decentralized realization of the internet, creators will be able to monetize their content in new ways: via NFTs and tokens for exclusive content. With these new methods and the increased freedom enabled by new virtual spaces, creators and influencers will no longer need brands in the ways they once did. But brands will still have big budgets they hope to deploy to gain engagement from their target audiences — audiences who will increasingly be found in new virtual spaces. As such, they’ll need to develop new, innovative ways to add value to both creators and to their target audiences in order to retain influence.

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Jennifer Quigley-Jones

chief executive officer, Digital Voices

Ben Jeffries

chief executive officer and co-founder,

Natalie Wills

global director of marketing, Zalando

B2B’s digital transformation journey: they’re only human, after all

B2B buyers are only human, but the digital journeys created for them rarely reflect that. B2B brands have struggled to provide the more human and engaging digital experiences, common amongst B2C brands. But as B2B marketing evolves we have an opportunity to change that. So how do B2B brands continue to close that gap and deliver a more engaging digital experience? Find out why improving experience is good for business.

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Jenni Baker

assistant editor - features, reports & research, The Drum

Chris Barnes

head of experience, Omobono

Nigel Williams

chief strategy officer, Kingpin Communications
Gaming & The Metaverse

Making sense of the world of gaming

Metaverse, 5G, VR, blockchain gaming, play-to-earn... there's no denying that the world of gaming has just got a bit more complicated for marketers.
Off the back of the most significant year ever for gaming, 2022 will arguably be the year where these new phenomena move from an exciting novelty, into a central part of effective marketing strategies.
Bringing together some of the industry's leading experts, this session will unravel the road ahead for marketers seeking to make sense of this ever-expanding universe while turning some of 2021's most-used buzzwords into game-changing ideas and actionable insights.

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Oliver Budgen

founder & chief executive officer, Bud Communications

Tom Simpson

senior vice president APAC, AdColony

Robin Lau

global strategic lead, Dentsu Gaming

Jenni Hall

head of strategic partnerships, Ampverse

Shawn Lim

reporter, Asia Pacific, The Drum
Gaming & The Metaverse


NFTs (non fungible tokens) has gathered up momentum over the past couple of years but it can still be quite a confusing concept. We will hear from some businesses who are leading the way with NFTs, offering valuable advice on how to get your strategy right.

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Chris Sutcliffe

senior reporter, The Drum

Morten Grubak

global ECD of innovation, VIRTUE, powered by VICE
Gaming & The Metaverse

Virtual reality realism: Who wins in the metaverse?

Huge brands are proudly planting their flags in the metaverse, staking their claim to web3 through amazing VR experiences. However, third-party data regulations are still shaky in real-life, let alone in virtual reality. Revenue sharing between metaverse platform and brands is just as unclear. In this session, our speakers discuss the practicalities and implications of investing in the metaverse. Will brands and individuals both benefit, and will the face of modern working change for good - or has big tech found itself an overhyped cyberspace race?

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Chris Sutcliffe

senior reporter, The Drum

Jason Alan Snyder

global chief technology officer, Momentum Worldwide

Irina Karagyaur

head of Metaverse growth, Unique Network
Gaming & The Metaverse

Reimagining Roblox: fad or future

In gaming years Roblox is getting on a bit, celebrating its 16th birthday this year. But with over 200 million monthly active users and brands from music to luxury goods getting in on the act, it’s showing no signs of approaching a game over. It's evolving, becoming a foundational pillar of the metaverse. So, does this creator driven platform herald a new era for brand activations, or will we quickly move on to the next big thing? And while we're now certain that gaming and creator-made experiences are a big part of marketing's future, can Roblox maintain its lead position?

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Sam Anderson

editor, The Drum Network, The Drum

Ashley Lapin

co-founder, Current Forward

Mike Craddock

chief executive officer and co-founder, Kairos Group

Jeff Danley

director, innovation & partnerships, VMLY&R
Gaming & The Metaverse

Creating authentic brand experiences in the metaverse

The metaverse is moving into the mainstream, and in the process becoming more accessible for brands and media budgets. But “the metaverse” can mean many different things. This session will explore the who, what, where and why of the metaverse in its current state, and inspire you with some of the most creative activations and possibilities for brands looking to understand the parameters of what’s possible right now. Speakers will share advice on how to navigate those early steps into the metaverse, exploring which Web3 strategy is right for you and the future potential of metaverse activations in the wider marketing mix as it becomes the ultimate immersive brand experience.

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Webb Wright

junior reporter, The Drum

Sam Field

director of creative technology, Yahoo RYOT Studios

Charli Cohen

founder, RSTLSS

Adam De Cata

head of partnerships, Decentraland

DAOs: The Weird, The Wild & The Wonderful

DAOs (Decentralised Autonomous Organisations) are becoming central to community building for brands in Web3. These tokenized communities are creating transparent value for members on blockchain in ways that are not possible IRL. Paul McEntee (founder of PR agency Here Be Dragons) talks to Jennifer Stephens (Web 3 Strategist, NED, Co-Founder) and Jeff Kauffman (Founder, JUMP Community) to take a peek behind the curtain at the weird, wild and wonderful world of DAOs.

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Jeff Kauffman

founder, Parachute | JUMP into web3, NFTs, & social tokens

Jen Roebucll

NED / Co-founder / Brand & Growth Consultant, Web3 Strategist

Paul McEntee

founder and chief executive offer, Here Be Dragons