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Is the pendulum shifting in favour of trust of news brands?

15:30 GMT / 11:30 EST / 23:30 SST Fri March 20th

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Time was when journalists were seen as the original influencers, way before bloggers or social media influencers. But we all know what social media, data concerns and fake news have meant for both traditional news publishers and the advertising revenues. Will this new decade, and especially the effect of something as significant as coronavirus mean that consumers will rush towards what were not just the only but the most trusted sources of news?

Moderated by The Drum Network editor, Chris Sutcliffe, in conversation with senior news journalists, this session will explore the steps being taken to not just shift the ad budgets in favour of news brands but also in ensuring trust in these brands.

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Tracy De Groose
executive chair, Newsworks
Nic Newman
media analyst, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism
Chris Sutcliffe
editor, The Drum Network