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Future of work: are homes the office of the future?

10:00 GMT / 06:00 EST / 18:00 SST Thu March 19th

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From squiggly careers to changing attitudes to work, future of work is looking rather different to how we imagined it to be. And let’s not forget the impact of quarantines and the increasing need for employees to work from home. The digital world has just about introduced us to the role of the gig economy, and now that is wobbly.

The stage is set. How are businesses responding to this changing world? Are businesses borne out of the digital world better equipped for the future of work than legacy businesses? If the workplace is changing so much, would it be possible to invent a new kind of worker?

Festival Partners


Sue Frogley
chief executive, Publicis Media
Imogen Watson
journalist, The Drum
Sera Holland
co-founder, The Fawnbrake Collective
Robin Gadsby
founding partner & group chief executive officer, Forever Beta