The Drum Design Census 2015 - Elites

The Drum Design Census is an annual report taking the UK design industry's pulse and highlighting the trends, growth and performance of agencies providing design services.

The report provides an insightful review of the design agency landscape by using three rankings: financial performance, client satisfaction and peer recommendation.

Agencies performing well across all three tables achieve elite status in the Census.

Agencies analysed for the Design Census are categorised according to the number of their design staff; agencies with over 40 staff, those with 20-39, those with 10-19, and companies with fewer than 10 staff.

Here, we reveal the top 10 elite agencies for each size group in this year's Census. The financial results can be viewed here.

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Subscribers receive a copy of The Drum Design Census supplement with the 18 March issue of The Drum. For more in-depth findings, analysis and all tables, purchase a copy of the full report.