Blackwell's Britain

Creative Cities

Bournemouth focus: Creative England, Redweb and more on the the town's trends, talent and tech

There's no doubt that the creative scene in Bournemouth is changing. Beside being the fastest...

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The Future of marketing and agencies – through the eyes of consumers

At the Bristol Media Master Class event on Monday 6 July, the findings from a Future Foundation...

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Newcastle focus: What's the mood like in the region? Drummond Central, Everything Different and others discuss

There's no doubt that Newcastle has put itself on the map for creativity over the last couple...

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Blackwell's Britain: Putting Newcastle on the map for creativity

Mike Ashley, as if we didn’t know it, is to blame for a lot. As is the Guardian. ...

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Blackwell's Britain: Why Newcastle is the next stop for everyone from Marvel to JK Rowling

When we judge creativity, size doesn’t really matter. And that over-used word &lsquo...

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