Date: Dec 2019
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The Yule log fireplace channel is a staple for the holidays, but the Amazon Rainforest Conservancy (ARC) is replacing the peaceful crackling log with visions of burning rainforest scenes.

The ARC has launched its first ever holiday initiative with agency Zulu Alpha Kilo, replacing the classic Yule log fireplace channel using real footage of the Amazon burning to draw attention back to the burning Amazon rainforest.

The ARC will be broadcasting the #RainforestFireChannel across social media. It will livestream the footage, with the idea of getting people to participate, not only by donating, but by sharing the channel. It will play for the month of December to raise awareness and encourage donations towards the ARC’s efforts to save the Amazon.

The campaign also includes a 30-second PSA that juxtaposes the Yule log with the Amazon burning. The spot opens on the familiar warm, crackling fireplace channel that is popular during the holiday. It slowly transforms into a blazing Amazon fire. Text on screen states: “This holiday, there’s one fire we should all be watching closely”.


Client: Amazon Rainforest Conservancy

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Creative Director: Zak Mroueh

Art Director: Michael Romaniuk

Writer: Jackson Kemp

Account Team: Rob Feightner, Eric Kormos, Haley Holm

Planner: Stephanie Gyles

Client: Jana Bell

Media Agency: UM

Media Team: Kate Mateer

Producer: Marko Stevelic

Interactive Developer: Jake Edwards

Production House: Zulubot

Editor: Ashlee Mitchell

Audio Engineer: Stephen Stepanic