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Screamfest by Zambezi

Agency: Zambezi
Date: Oct 2020
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The scariest thing about Halloween this year isn’t the ghosts and goblins, but those who refuse to wear a mask. That’s why Zambezi has created a truly spooky Covid-19 PSA especially well suited for the times.

Helmed by director Gina Kelly, the film features none other than Halloween's Michael Myers himself, Nick Castle - along with a parade of funny and familiar faces like Mindy Sterling (Austin Powers), Tara Copeland (Curb Your Enthusiasm) and more.

'Screamfest' has a spooky classic horror movie feel, and shows the approach of a trick-or-treater to an ominous house at twilight. Suspense builds, and ultimately reveals a terrified person inside the house who lets out a blood curdling scream when seeing the visitor on their doorstep. This pattern repeats throughout the spot, and ends with the message of “This Halloween...please wear a mask.”


Gina Kelly, Director

Zambezi, Creative Agency

FIN Studios, Production Company

Jean Freeman, Principal + CEO, Zambezi

Andrew Gage, Director of Integrated Production, Zambezi

Alex Cohn, Head of Content, FIN Studios

Carlos Cortes, Director of Photography, FIN Studios

Katrina Nahikian, Supervising Producer, FIN Studios


Mindy Sterling

Nick Castle

Larisa Miller

Robert Gantzos

Lauren Burns

Jessica Eason

Tara Copeland

Ilana Cohn

Malcolm Smith

Theresa Ryan

Oscar Lester

Millie Burgoine

Tali Sullivan

Maggie Eastwick

Michael Price