Agency: Y&R Prague
Date: Apr 2018
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After returning from World War II, Czech soldiers weren’t celebrated like in other countries. Instead, they were sent to prisons and labor camps by the communist regime.

To raise awareness about this injustice, the campaign 'Heroes Unwelcome' by Y&R Prague, features the true stories of three veterans who were prosecuted for their bravery.


Jaime Mandelbaum - Regional Chief Creative Officer- Y&R

Tereza Sverakova - Chief Creative Officer – Y&R

Dora Pruzincova - Executive Creative Director – Y&R

Marco Antonio do Nascimento, Atila Martins – Creative Director – Y&R

Eugen Finkei - Art Director – Y&R

Jiri Kirchner – Copywriter- Y&R

Miro Minarovych – Photographer – Y&R

Monika Zahem – Retoucher – Y&R

Tomas Tomasek - Agency Producer – Y&R

Tomas Dvorak - Executive Managing Director – Y&R