Date: Nov 2016
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Chief Creative Officer: Leslie Sims

Group Creative Director: Nathalie Brown

Creative Director: Kate Lummus

Senior Copywriter: Anthony DiMichele

Group Account Director: Dom Alcocer

Executive Director of Integrated Production: Greg Lotus

Director of Interactive Activation: Catherine Patterson

Senior Integrated Producer: Jill Toloza

Senior Brand Strategist: Paul-Claude Vary-Kinney

Content Producer: Chandler Simms

Content Producer: Alex Foster

Music Producer: Lauren King

Design Director: Hamish McArthur

Junior Designer: Chloe Kang

Senior Content Business Mgr: Adele Solomon

Director of Traffic: Pamela Murray

Studio Director: Michael Romanski

Print Production Manager: Michael Dunn

Print Producer: Jack Hughes

Coordinating Producer: Ruby Rudijono

Music Production Company: Storefront

Director of Marketing: Holly Pesahovsky

Founder: John Stage