Monash University: A Different Lens by Y&R Melbourne

Date: Nov 2017
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Monash University has created a five-part documentary series to explore pressing issues such as AI neuroethics, populism, terrorism, AI and sustainability.

The series, A Different Lens, interrogates some of the world’s most pressing issues through the eyes of Monash experts and thought leaders. The aim is to showcase the expertise and experience at the University in a bid to engage with future staff, postgraduates and industry leaders.

The first episode, An Automated World, examines the impact of robots and artificial intelligence from disciplines as varied as business, philosophy, I.T., and the arts.


Executive Creative Director: Jake Barrow

Creative Director: James Wills

Senior Art Director: Shane Dawson

Executive Producer: Sheridan Wadelton

Producer: Emma King

Production Coordinator: Annie Thiele

DOP: Hamish MacGregor

Lead Editor: Hamish MacGregor

Senior Planner: Christine O’Keefe

Group Account Director: Matthew Hunt

Account Directors: Nick Bollard & Sarah Naumoski


Director: Craig Griffin

Editor: Jamie Blanks

Music: DG Music

Animation: Jumbla

Sound Studio: Baxter Sound

Researcher: Denise Erikson

Liquid Death: Certified Cursed

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