Date: Aug 2021
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The world is still waking up to the extent of male violence against women. When two in five women admit they have experienced sexual harassment, just for innocently attending a gig or a festival, as always, the onus is placed on them to keep themselves safe, partly by taming down their outfit.

To draw attention to this endemic, Wunderman Thompson worked pro bono with White Ribbon UK, a charity working to end male violence against women by engaging with men and boys to take action themselves.

Presented in the style of festival and gig posters, instead of showcasing the anticipated lineup, the work reveals the issue of violence against women, calling out how men can be a key part of the solution by owning problematic behavior and calling out sexism, abuse, or assault when they see it.

To make it impactful, festival names or gig titles have been created to flag the issues such as, ‘Assault on the Dancefloor’, ‘Blind Eye Weekender’ and ‘Summertime Silence’, while familiar ‘headline acts’ have been replaced with copy that reflects unacceptable behavior such as groping, harassment and catcalling.

To spread the message Wunderman Thompson and White Ribbon UK have partnered with The O2, which will run the campaign through digital OOH, The O2’s social channels, and CRM database. The renowned nightclub, Fabric will also be carrying the campaign message within their club, their social channels, and promotional materials.

“Ultimately violence against women will only end if men take responsibility for their own behavior and are also prepared to call out harassing and abusive behavior when they see it,” says Anthea Sully, chief exec at White Ribbon UK.

“Venues and festivals being absolutely clear about the culture they want to see can make a significant difference. That is why we are pleased that the O2 Arena and Fabric are supporting us to get the message across. Women must be able to have a great time when they go to clubs, venues and festivals without fear of harassment or violence. We expect all men to make the White Ribbon Promise to never use, excuse or remain silence about male violence against women.”


Anthea Sully, Chief Executive, White Ribbon UK

Becca Spencer, PR and Press Manager, White Ribbon UK

Danielle Kennedy-Clarke, Deputy General Manager at The O2

Tom Littlechild, Marketing and Communications Director, The O2

Osho Frankland, Entertainment Marketing Manager, The O2

Chris Dooley, Lead Partner – Social Impact at JCDecaux UK

Luke Laws, General Manager, Fabric

Jorge Nieto, Creative Director, Fabric

Creative Director, Jo Wallace, Wunderman Thompson

Head of Art, Guy Sexty, Wunderman Thompson

Copywriter, Zebedee Devey, Wunderman Thompson

Art Director, Jasper McIver, Wunderman Thompson

Lead Designer, Jacqui Stecher, Wunderman Thompson

Rob Joyner, Senior Designer, Wunderman Thompson

Chris Hutton, Senior Designer, Wunderman Thompson

Anoosha Tadghighi, Digital Designer, wunderman Thompson

Bryan Riddle, Senior Designer, Wunderman Thompson

Verity de Courcy Norman, Integrated Programme Director, Wunderman Thompson

Robyn D’Arcy, Senior Insight Lead, Wunderman Thompson

James Llewelyn-Davies, Account Director, Wunderman Thompson