Date: Nov 2021
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Each year, food waste from households, retail establishments and the food service industry totals 931 million tonnes. Nearly 570 million tonnes of this waste occurs at the household level.

To raise awareness of this issue and join the fight against food waste, Wunderman Thompson Benelux, alongside the Agriculture and Fish Fisheries Department and the Public Waste Agency of Flanders, have created ‘Shopcakes’, a smart snack that can be consumed before grocery shopping to prevent hunger-fuelled impulse buying.

Wunderman Thompson Benelux partnered with chef Dominique Persoone to devise a recipe using carefully selected ingredients that both satisfy hunger and offer a way of using products that often end up going to waste.

To launch the campaign, the ‘Shopcakes’ were handed out at the Colruyt Laagste Prijzen shop in Brugge-Sint-Pieters to fill shoppers up before they started their food shop so they weren’t buying unnecessary items that would eventually end up going to waste.