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Date: Jun 2021
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Soft drink brand Mountain Dew has taken a leaf from the Hollywood playbook in a new advert showing the lengths one hardcore commuter will go to to catch his train.

Devised by Wunderman Thompson and produced by In & Out Productions, the campaign has more in common with a Hollywood action film than a drinks commercial – packing a car chase, stunts and jumps into its brief run time.

Speaking to anyone who has been left stranded on the platform to forlornly watch their ride roll off into the distance, the heart-pumping commercial proves that you don’t have to take the rail timetable lying down.

A group of three friends, powered only by Mountain Dew, take matters into their own hands and come together to resolve the situation by using their jeep and a conveniently-placed ramp to board in spectacular style.

Directed by Tim Kendall, the fantastical concept is grounded in reality with a conscious effort made to employ only camera angles that would be achievable in real life – despite the physics-defying effects bursting from the screen.

Kendall remarked: “These types of stories are best told with different levels of energy. We wanted to make a multi-faceted adventure that has energy peaks and valleys throughout. I truly believe you can only make the loudest noise by having silence just before it, so in each moment we tried to challenge the energy with what can happen next.

“I always want to be ahead of the audience, giving them a sense of discovery and surprise throughout. Sometimes with testosterone-fueled action, it’s easy to forget that these heroes are humans too. I thought that a brief moment of pause for a crossing family of ducks could give the characters some heart.”

Intended to concentrate on the human dimension, the three friends – played by actors Fahad Mustafa, Ahad Raza Mir and Aryaan Arora – are fleshed out as individuals, each contributing to the success of their mission.

Earlier this year Mountain Dew took inspiration from permed 70s artist Bob Ross to air a ‘lost’ episode of his landscape art series incorporating a bottle of the citrus-flavored soft drink.