Date: Mar 2020
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Coronavirus will contaminate a large portion of the population, disrupt production chains and plunge economies into unprecedented chaos across the planet.

In Brazil, this gruesome outlook will be even greater among the black population that is massively at the base of the Brazilian social pyramid and is the target of murders or abandonment that lead to death: without access to basic sanitation, healthcare, housing and employment. This population is part of the majority group that's most vulnerable to the coronavirus and who already suffer a daily life of injustice and violence in the country.

Genocide is the word used to describe the extermination of people motivated by ethnic, national, racial, religious and socio-political differences. In Brazil, a black person is murdered every 23 minutes. 80% of users of the Unified Healthcare System (SUS) are black. Blacks fall victim to firearms 2.5 times more than white people*.

For this reason, in partnership with Wunderman Thompson Brazil, it created the campaign called "Alvos do GenocĂ­dio" (Genocide Targets), the main purpose of which is to reveal the alarming data.