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BT: The Future is Now by Wunderman Thompson

Date: May 2021
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Wunderman Thompson’s latest instalment of BT’s 'The Future is Now' campaign focuses on agritech innovator Intelligent Growth Solutions, and BT’s role in fuelling the company’s innovative, future-facing business solutions.

Imagine a world in which farmers can create the perfect weather for growing a wide range of crops in substantially different climates that sit less than two feet apart from one another. IGS Limited makes revolutionary controlled-environment growth products including a vertical farm-in-a-box and growth stations for low-rise installations, helping farmers and other food producers create consistent, reliable produce regardless of location.

Presented by journalist and broadcaster Steph McGovern, the third episode in Wunderman Thompson’s campaign showcases the role of 5G, cloud and broadband capabilities in creating cutting edge systems to help farmers deliver ideal conditions for consistent, reliable crops in any location – and with minimal environmental impact.

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