Agency: Wunderman
Date: Apr 2019
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A new campaign by Wunderman Minneapolis for Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings, titled ‘Thinking in Color,' is the first user-generated content color spectrum ever created as an immersive experience to inspire creativity by actually visualizing the colors a person’s mind creates, according to the company.

Sherwin-Williams says it is obsessed with color and innovation and it sees color as an immersive experience. ‘Thinking in Color’ is the first-ever opportunity to actually experience colors created by the mind. Collaborating with Wunderman Minneapolis, the team created brainwave-monitoring technology to generate hues based on actual brain activity. In real time, the brainwave monitoring headset translates brainwave activity and then visualizes the data into unique colors experiences.

A video shows how it was done. A person stood in front of a 17-foot tall monitor and wore the headset. As that person stared at color waves on the huge monitor, the ‘Thinking in Color’ experience interpreted the alpha, beta, gamma and theta frequencies of that person. In real time, that data was translated into closely related color attributes.

Since its debut, ‘Thinking in Color’ has been creating unique colors from 16m possibilities, for over 2,000 participants. These unique experiences helped create the first ever Architect Series from Sherwin-Williams, a 12-color chip set inspired by the minds of architects.


Agency: Wunderman Minneapolis

Managing Director: Patrick Petschel

Executive Creative Director: EJ McNulty

Creative Director: Kristine Baumgardner

Associate Creative Director: Chad Nauta

Sr. Art Director: Chris Kurtz

Sr Copywriter: Darren Tibbits

Production Designer: Ann Losinski

Account Director: Lauren Reinhardt

Project Manager: Erin Hoople

Project Manager: Simon Goettl

Sr Producer: Kel Nelson

Producer: Danielle Mallaro

Design and Technology Studio: Incite