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Liga Contra el Cáncer: #AmoMisBolas by Wunderman Phantasia

Date: Jun 2018
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Every year in Peru, there are more than 4,500 cases of prostate, testicular and penile cancer reported. By 2020, the figure is projected to increase by more than 22% and what’s shocking is the number of young adult men, between the ages of 15-30, who are affected.

Thanks to a popular Instagram sticker that is widely recognizable, Liga Contra el Cáncer and Wunderman Phantasia are targeting this audience and hoping to generate fresh awareness around these cancers by teaching men how to conduct a proper self-examination and take control of their health while simultaneously encouraging other men to do the same. All you need to do is take a photo, grab the sticker, rotate it upside-down, use #AmoMisBolas and tag your friends.

“In most cases, these kinds of cancers do not manifest symptoms during their initial stages so more than 50% of men who contract these cancers only see a doctor when the disease has advances and there isn’t much left to do for them,” said Damary Milla, general director of operations of Liga Contra El Cancer. “Our hope is that this campaign will inspire men to lose their fear and appreciate that an annual check-up can save their life.”


Client: Liga Contra el Cáncer

General Manager: Damary Millas

Agency: Wunderman Phantasia

Chief Creative Officer: Jose Aburto

Head of Art: Augusto Landauro

Creative Director: Diego Sugai

Creative Supervisors: Alvaro Angulo, Diego Figueroa

Art Directors: Humberto Carreño

Designer: Hugo Prieto

Final Art: Manuel Abad

Illustrator / Animator: Ismael Cerna

Account Lead: Jorge Indacochea

Social Media Director: Pedro Tucto

Post Production 3D: Ricardo Villar

Project Manager: Anderson Poccorpachi

Programador Back-end: Alonso de la Quintana

QA: Yoselin Rodríguez, Luis Quispe

Systems Analist: Lucia Somocurcio

BTL Agency: Orange 360º

Video Production: Santiago

Audio Production: Diego Dibós Sound Lab

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