Agency: Wunderman
Client: Lenovo
Date: Mar 2020
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When it comes to equality in the workplace, the MENA region lags far behind the rest of the world, losing an estimated $575bn per year due to the social barriers that women face at work. It’s an issue Lenovo is deeply committed to, so the brand worked with Wunderman Dubai to create an awareness campaign to highlight the issue as an initiative for International Women’s Day.

It was from that realization that Wunderman conceived the Equality Spell Check, using Microsoft Word - a program people use every day at work - as a medium to deliver their message and teach about gender equality in the workplace in an innovative way.

The Wunderman team combined data and hard-hitting facts to develop a plug-in for MS Word which highlighted seemingly positive everyday workplace words as incorrect. When clicked on, the alternative definition of these words for women was revealed through hard-hitting facts about gender inequality in the workplace

By modifying the most used program in the world, Lenovo sought to modify people’s behavior and open the conversation about gender equality in the workplace. Now, many other companies in the region are joining this cause and installing Equality Spell Check in their offices.


Agency: Wunderman Dubai / Beirut

Executive Creative Director: Pablo Maldonado

Creative Team: Saymon Medeiros, Dina Alsharif, Waleed Bachnak

Designer: Erick Canedo

Head of Strategy: Álvaro Bretel

Social Media Director: Hisham Othman

Tech development: Jaafar Serhan

Developer: Jalal Wehbi

UI UX Designer: Diogo Borges

Videographer: Angélica Tenorio

Editors: Soheil Magdi, Valerie Pinto

Sr. Account Director: Irmak Aktas, Layal Azar

Account Manager: Lara Medanat

Account Executive: Kalid Elali, Ioanna Mavroeidi, Manon Gobet

CMO Lenovo: Claire Carter

Marketing Manager Lenovo: Bushra Nasr