Client: Philips
Date: Oct 2017
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Moms have so much energy – enough to fuel a household, her children, her partner or spouse, her work, and more. So, in honor of Mother’s Day in Argentina (Oct 15), Wunderman BA and Philips decided to learn more about the energy generated by a group of real moms as they go about their days. The goal was not only to understand the amount of energy produced, but to measure and eventually reuse it in order to help others. After identifying 20 influencer moms in Argentina, the team selected three that they felt had the busiest or most active day to day.

Using a uniquely designed shoe insert, Wunderman BA developed a device capable of accumulating the kinetic energy generated by the steps the three moms take as they perform various activities throughout the day. The energy these moms produced was collected in batteries that were easily swapped out once fully charged.

On Mother’s Day in Argentina, Wunderman BA brought the charged batteries to Sardá Maternity Hospital in order to power the beds in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where that energy is needed most.


Agency: Wunderman Buenos Aires

Client: Philips

Campaign: Energía de madre

Chief Creative Officers: Patán Tarazaga / Dany Minaker

Creative Directors: Pablo Maldonado / Ezequiel Orlandi

Copywriters: Pablo Maldonado / Gastón Durán

Art Directors: Ezequiel Orlandi / Matías Paglieri

Head of Innovation: Vasco Gorosterrazu

Head of Technology: Francisco Facal

Web Developers: Pablo Mendoza / Javier Correa

3D Designer: Pablo Aranguren

Production Manager: Laura Martínez

Accounts Group Director: Mercedes Cores

Accounts Supervisor: María José Cruces

Accounts Executive: Mariana Lares

Head of PR: Daniela Tucci

Production Company: Pantera & Co.

Director: Axel Byrfors

Executive Producer: Manuel Aguer

Producer: Malena Kremenchuzky

Post-production: Barraca Post

Color Correction: Alejandro Armaleo

Editor: Manuel Salomón

Soundmix: G Factory

Band: Salmón Osado

Client Representatives: Pablo Norese / Mariana López / Romina Brignone / Clara Vega Olmos / Diego Stefanoni