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Date: Mar 2020
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Postpartum depression (PPD) is the number one cause of maternal mortality from suicide. PPD can have a range of dangerous consequences and is widespread, affecting one in seven mothers. Yet, symptoms don’t need to be life-threatening to be serious. Feeling down, sad or broken, emotionally detached, highly anxious, or doubting one’s ability to mother one’s child are all signs of PPD that require help.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC) looks to combat this silent threat. In a new video, they are asking 100,000 moms who currently have or have had PPD symptoms in the past to participate in the Mom Genes Fight PPD research study. The campaign works to identify a genetic marker that may explain why some women get PPD and others don’t.

The Mom Genes Fight PPD study isn’t just for new moms, but for all mothers whether their child is a newborn or 50 years old. It asks these women who’ve had PPD symptoms in the past or present to see if they qualify for the research.

Women can visit to download an app to see if they are eligible by taking a brief and validated clinical assessment on it. Women who meet the study inclusion criteria and consent to participate are mailed a spit kit to provide a saliva sample.

From PPD support groups to mom-influencers to celebs like Alanis Morissette and Catherine Reitman of the Netflix show Workin’ Moms, women across the country are sharing their important reasons for joining the research study by using #MomGenes. The personal stories also help destigmatize the disease, showing those who are suffering that they are not alone.

Mom Genes Fight PPD is a global collaboration between UNC researchers and an international group of academic clinicians and scientists committed to understanding the interaction of genes and the environment — aimed at predicting which women are at risk for PPD. By August 2020, UNC has a goal of getting 100,000 mothers to participate in the study. For more information about the Mom Genes Fight PPD research study, visit the website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Creation and promotion of the campaign, Mom Genes Fight PPD, is a pro bono effort by Wongdoody.


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