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Three: #BetterPhoneFriend by Wonderhood Studios

Client: Three
Date: Apr 2021
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The pandemic has had a profound impact on mental health in the UK, with one third of Brits admitting their mental health has worsened.

90% of those felt speaking to someone positively affected their situation, and so Three UK has partnered with the Samaritans on #BetterPhoneFriend to encourage the nation to become better listeners.

The campaign is devised to help people identify the traits that could prevent them from being great listeners, using a series of animated films.

Created by Wonderhood Studios, the voiceover in the films is designed to draw in the listener, to help them actively listen by focusing on what is being said. It is supported with simple, thoughtful animation.

The listener and talker are each represented by spheres without identifiable features, so anyone can project themselves onto either role. The result is a calm moment in the ad break to reflect.