Date: Dec 2021
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Working from home has become a way of life for a lot of people, and with that comes the dreaded never-ending slew of Zoom calls. But what happens if you get stuck on a call for the rest of time? Wonderhood Studios has imagined this frankly terrifying thought in its new Christmas campaign that hopes to encourage people to truly switch off over the holidays.

Starring Kerry Howard and Daniel Barker, the dark comedy begins with a family patiently waiting on their dad to finish up work for the year so they can start the festivities. As the wife goes up to her husband’s office to check on him, she shockingly finds that he is in fact stuck inside his laptop.

As the video progresses, viewers watch the family try to make the best of the strange situation by including Dad in the usual holiday events. Condemned to spend Christmas from inside his laptop, he patiently sits on the table watching everyone eat their dinner, tries to thank his daughter for a gift that he cannot physically open and hilariously attempts to have sex with his wife, which predictably doesn’t go as planned.