Date: Mar 2022
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Dedicated to ending the motherhood penalty, Pregnant Then Screwed has launched ‘Unhappy Mother’s Day’ to raise awareness of the rising cost of childcare in the UK and the major implications this has on women.

Working with Wonderhood Studios, the charity is flipping annual Mother’s Day celebrations on its head with a series of provocative cards that tell the real story of how government inaction is impacting women.

The project comes just days after the UK government rejected a request to examine childcare costs. Over 113,000 petitioners called for an independent review of childcare funding and affordability, but on International Women’s Day it was announced there were no further plans to look into the issue.

A survey of 26,000 parents conducted by Pregnant Then Screwed and Mumsnet looked at the impact of childcare costs on families. Findings highlighted that 43% of mums are considering leaving their job because of childcare costs, with 62% saying that the cost of childcare is now the same or more than their rent or mortgage. Sadly, one in four parents also said that they have had to cut down on necessary expenses such as food, heating or clothing to afford childcare.