Date: Jul 2021
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Promoting simpler pleasures in life the condiment brand has brought Branson back down to Earth with a thud in four excoriating paragraphs.

Tearing chunks out of its near namesake on Twitter the brand wrote: "For years now every time a certain ginger billionaire does something bonkers we, an innocent pickle, bear the brunt of abuse online.

"There's been the private island, the government bail outs and don't even get us started on the naked windsurfing. And now he's off to space.

"We don't want to go to space. We want to stay here on Earth. Where the sandwiches are."

The iconic British brand is best known for its Bring out the Branston tagline as an indispensable partner to any cheese sandwich worth its crust.

Branson's trip to space culminates a difficult journey for Virgin Galactic following the death of a test pilot during a test flight.