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Beats: Beats Zodiac by WMCann

Agency: WMCann
Client: Beats
Date: Jan 2021
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WMcCann and Beats have launched the Beats Zodiac campaign, featuring a film by Aries-born Anitta, content about astrological combinations.

There are 12 new Beats Zodiac with collectible cans, one for each sign of the zodiac and divided into 4 flavors, inspired by the elements: fire, earth, air and water. With a campaign, product development and packaging signed by the WMcCann agency, Beats chose Anitta, head of creation and innovation, to be the star of the first video of this initiative.

11 new films were revealed on Beats' social media channels and on digital media. Each of them portrayed how each sign behaves when partying starring the actors Thiago Martins and Rodrigo Simas, singer Gretchen, Urias, WC on Beat and Xamã; in addition to influencers Bielo, Lais Oliveira, Gabi Lopes, Thais Carla and Tati Zaqui.


Agency: WMcCann

Client: Skol Beats

Product: Beats Zodiac

Campaign name: Beats Zodiac

CCO: Hugo Rodrigues, Kevin Zung and André Marques

Creative Direction: Alexandre Prado

Creation: Letícia Kohanoski, Luana Silva, Patrícia Kano, Rhaissa Bueno, Brenda Bandeira, Mellina Fontoura, Diego Silva, Felipe Araújo, Thiago Alves.

Planning VP: Renata Bokel

Planning: Acauã Bonifácio, Fernando Birche

Attendance: Danilo Ken, Michelle Latessa, Giovana Zanfelicce

Media VP: André França

Media: Maurício Cruz and Roberto Almeida

BI: Fernando Cardoso, Felipe Borges, Inês Carvalho, Marina Monteiro

Content Director: Bruno Érnica

Community Manager: William Ribeiro, Gustavo Braitt

Influencers: Maiara Garbin, Tassiana Cabral

Production VP: Tato Bono

Integrated Production: Cayan Lobo, Gabriela Chineze, Fabiana Diniz, Sasha Vilela

Technology: Marcelo Soares, Victor Hugo Odo

Creative Technology: Victor Hugo Odo, Caio Costa

Producer / Image: Capuri

Director: Breno Moreira

Executive Producers: Thiago Mascarenhas and Eduardo Rezende

Executive Director: Rodrigo Castello

Director of Photography: Fernando Young

Second unit photography: Bernardo Negri

Art Director: Andres Zarza

Coordination assistant: Nathalia Trindade

Editor: Danilo Abraham

Finisher: Vitor Amorim

Color: Studio Feather

Colorist: Ana Escorse

Post-Production: Atom

Technology Producer: Code and Soul

Audio Production: Antfood Music & Sound Design

Music Production Director: Lou Schmidt and Fernando Rojo

Music Production: Lou Schmidt, Fernando Rojo, Luis Bergmann, Pedro Curvello and Vinicius Nunes

Executive Producer: Christiane Rachel and Renato Castro

Coordination: Monique Munhoz

Finishing: Bruno Broaska, Fabian Jorge, Pablo Homen de Mello and Tiago Lins

Projects: Vanessa Motta

Client approval: Gabriela Gallo, Vinicius Viana, Marina Daur