Client: JuiceBurst
Date: Mar 2016
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WMH has radically redesigned the award winning JuiceBurst brand to reflect a dramatically changed product.

Having won Gold at the Design Business Association’s Design Effectiveness Awards in February, JuiceBurst’s owner Purity Soft Drinks has built on its success by launching a completely rejuvenated product and brand design with long-term partners Williams Murray Hamm.

Purity Soft Drinks has significantly revised the contents of its bottles. Following the successful introduction of ‘SKINNY’ and a Schools Approved range, 75% of JuiceBurst products will have no added sugar.

These changes have allowed WMH to put more focus on the brand’s naturalness. A bolder, less formal logo integrates a ‘one of your 5 a day’ mnemonic and new ‘real fruit explosion’ images put more emphasis on the pure juice content – each bottle contains one full portion of fruit.

JuiceBurst continues to use its packaging as media, in particular, through the Blippar augmented reality app which will build on the success of previous Blipps by offering ‘Juice Wars’, a new mobile game that allows consumers to blow up fruit on screen.

Since re-launch, JuiceBurst has become one of the nation's fastest growing beverage brands. In a market declining by -9 per cent, it is growing at 93 per cent year on year. There have been significant annual profit increases and distribution has grown from one to nine national retailers.