Date: Dec 2021
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Bread, good isn't it? Toast, bagels, sandwiches, all top meals, but what if the deliciously doughy food item was actually harming the earth? ‘A Story About Bread’, produced by flour-brand Wildfarmed alongside the creative minds of Lemonade Money, will have you questioning everything you thought you knew about the cupboard staple.

The 7-minute trippy film takes viewers on a total ride beginning with a larger-than-life loaf hurtling towards our planet from space, on the impact we see the crusty bread enter into a 90s acid house scene as the narrator, Tim Blinkhurst, starts to relay the tale.

It begins with retellings of the Great Fire of London, the French Revolution and the origins of the ‘superfood’. As the intense video progresses, viewers are made aware that many of the loaves they buy daily are full of bleach and emulsifiers, which are ultimately harmful to the environment.

Is our appetite for bread destroying the earth when it could be healing it? Co-owned by Groove Armada DJ Andy Cato and presenter George Lamb, Wildfarmed aims to create a market for farmers that rewards quality rather than quantity.