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Oct 19 - 23

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Oda: Oda Is Live by Wieden+Kennedy

Client: Oda
Date: Oct 2020
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Introducing Oda, a set of home speakers that create an unconventional live music experience in your home. With seasonal programming from more than 20 artists per season, Oda was made with the goal of creating a sustainable economy for performing artists and musicians. Members will experience original commissions, collaborations and experiments by some of the world’s most compelling creatives and storytellers. All Oda performances are a one-time unique live event, accessible only through the speakers, and will challenge what a performance can be.

Oda speakers act as the instrumental partner to communicate the artists works and bring them into your home as guests. Today marks the pre-sale of the speakers alongside the lineup and membership sale of the Season One “Winter” and Season Two “Spring” which will feature Don Bryant & Ann Peebles, Arca, Madlib, Beverly Glenn-Copeland, Jessica Pratt, Pastor T.L. Barrett, Terry Riley, Standing on the Corner and more