Client: Nike
Date: Jun 2021
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Nike's latest film, 'The Land of New Football,' articulates a new vision for global football. And that future can’t be pinned down to just one thing.

The sport's future is full of talent, stacked with players who bring incredible skills to the game. It’s inclusive, open to all backgrounds in support of young players finding joy in the sport. It’s aware of the power of collective work against systemic obstacles. That mix of qualities is well-represented in Nike's roster of players, including English forward Marcus Rashford, who recently re-signed to a multiyear partnership.

Joined by a roster that includes players like Pernille Harder, Sara Däbritz, Richarlison de Andrade, Natalia Gaitán and more, Nike is investing in the future of football in other ways, articulating three distinct visions for what the sport can create through a new generation of players.