Client: McDonald's
Date: Jan 2020
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McDonald's is foregoing the game but will be present during the pregame show with an ad that highlights the actual go-to orders of a few stars.

The ad was inspired by fans. McDonald’s wanted to keep it simple and grounded in the fans and the individual orders they place every day.

The brand says that everyone has a relationship with McDonald’s and everyone has an order, even if they’re a celeb or star athlete. To bring this to life, McDonald’s asked some of its most iconic customers tuning in with the rest of the country Sunday night what their go-to orders are: Kim and Kanye, Millie Bobby Brown, Whoopi Goldberg, reporter Erin Andrews, Dracula, the Hamburglar, and the Big Bad Wolf.

What’s your McDonald’s order? You’ll come to see that whether you’ve traveled back in time (Marty McFly’s 1950s packaging), or you’re in love (Romeo and Juliet sharing a shake), or you really, really love ketchup (Patrick Mahomes), your McDonald’s order says something about you. No matter who you are, every McDonald’s order is iconic.


Wieden+Kennedy New York