Date: Oct 2019
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Director Alma Har'el, founder of Free the Bid, has launched Free the Work, a curated talent discovery platform that connects underrepresented creators to those who hire in film, TV, advertising and media.

Bolstered by the support and success for Free the Bid, Free the Work expands the mission as a talent discovery platform powered by machine learning to promote intelligent, personalized discovery, in hopes of fighting discrimination within industry hiring practices.

The Free the Work site features profiles for directors, editors, cinematographers, colorists, composers and more, in film, TV, advertising and media. The site is introduced by a video from Wieden+Kennedy and directed by Amber Grace Johnson. In it, we see the back of a young pianist, which the voice over says is Mozart. When it shows the child’s face, it’s of a girl, and the voice over switches to a woman, who states that Mozart had a sister, Maria, who was equally gifted, but never got a chance to shine as bright.

The video then asks the question, “Who else have we missed out on? Why do we still ignore talent 200 years later?” as it shows other women pianists passionately playing. The final musician has her piano removed as the voice over states, “It’s time to open our eyes.”

On the site, actors and industry leaders, including award winners Lena Waithe, Tracee Ellis Ross, Justin Simien and Jill Soloway provide curated playlists of global talent that can be shared everywhere. It also allows film studios, TV networks and brands to track their diversity efforts with quantifiable results thanks to a customized dashboard.

The brand identity and platform was designed and built in collaboration with digital agency Heat Waves, led by a team of women programmers, graphic designers and marketers.

Amazon Studios, Proctor & Gamble, AT&T, Ford and Facebook have joined forces with Free the Work as founding partners, and Verizon has signed on as the inaugural guardian partner. The platform is launching with the support of allies, including the Sundance Institute, ReFrame/Women in Film, the Ad Council and the ANA's #SeeHer initiative.

The database will be free to access but will include expanded features such as personal accounts, shareable talent playlists and tracking via paid membership. It will also offer educational tools, facilitate mentorship for emerging creators, and allow members to utilize social networking capabilities.

Free the Work has its own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram social channels to promote the platform.




Directed By - Amber Grace Johnson

Director of Photography - Natalie Kingston

Edited by - Lauren Dellara

Production Designer - Lauren Machen

Costume Designer - Amelian Kashiro

Choreographer - Jasmine Albuquerque

Casting - Atomic Honey, Alyson Horne Casting, James Weitz, Nancy Clayton Management


Lia Barnett

Olivia Larco

Kimber London

Aus Wang

Corinne Devrise

Natalie Gray

Production Company - Object & Animal

Executive Producer - James Cunningham

Line-Producer - Brooke McDaniel

Free the Work

Founder - Alma Har’el

Executive Director - Emma Reeves

Supervising Producer - Christopher Leggett

Producer - Nicole Disson

Production Coordinator - Gustavo Astudillo


Managing Director - Karrelle Dixon

Executive Creative Directors - Jason Bagley and Eric Baldwin

Creative Directors - Patty Orlando and Erik Fahrenkopf

Copywriters - Liz Malenfant and Kamey Murphy

Head of Production - Matt Hunnicutt

Executive Producer - Hayley Goggin Avila

Producer - Julie Gursha

Brand Director - Kimmy Cunningham

Group Strategy Director - Angela Jones

Business Affairs - Amber Lavender and Rylee Harper

Motion Graphics - Adam Sirkin & Chang Xu

Editorial - Rock Paper Scissors Entertainment

Producer - Sasha Grubor

Asst Editor - Ethan Jacob

Post-Production - Electric Theatre Collective

VFX Super Lead Flame: Martin Karlsson

2D team: Ujala Saini, Giles Cheetham, Brendan Smith, Peter Sidoriak

Roto: Rotomaker

VFX Producer: Kate Hitchings

Music - Walker

Executive Producer - Sara Matarazzo

Composer - Clarice Jensen

Mix / Sound Design - Joint

Sound Designer / Mixer - Natalie Huizenga

Executive Producer - Leslie Carthy

Color - Company 3

Colorist - Kath Raisch

Producer - Amanda Pilnik

Production Supervisor - Roland Berry

Production Coordinator - Ashley Lynch

1ST AD Gail Shand

2ND AD Luter Sartor

1st AC Holly Horne

2nd AC Christine Kelly

DIT Emilie Collier


STILLS Stephanie Owens

BTS Jeredon O'Connor

GAFFER Cole Pisano

BEST BOY ELEC Brock Kingsland


ELECTRIC SLT Corey Giannantonio

KEY GRIP Yohan Herman

BEST BOY GRIP David Stacey

GRIP Sarah Shultz

DRIVER Wyatt Hixon

VTR Jarrod Butler

LEADMAN Bennett Ray Williams

PROP MASTER Lukas Koszewski

SET DECORATOR Spencer Rawles

ART PA Christian Ortega

ART PA John Paul Rodriguez

Makeup - Yasuko Shapiro

Hair/Asst - Carlos & Marissa Ortiz

Stylist Asst - Thom Cao

Stylist Asst - Catrina Jones

Stylist Asst - Nyah Wilson

Stylist Asst - Zelma Mae Bullock

Stylist Asst - Atheel Elmalick

Stylist Asst - Niko Karamyan

Seamstress - Gulsen

Studio Teacher - Max Zarou

Crafty - Adam Lopez

Medic - Cerra Mendez

Locations - Laura Dominguez

Locations - Casey Sullivan

PA - TRUCK - Russell Griffith Jr.

PA - AD - Jade Curley

PA - SET - Ryan Miller

PA - SET - Chidi Uju

PA - SET - Daniel Brink

PA - SET - Jake Miller

PA - SET - Vanessa Gonzalez

PA - SET - Herbert Berger

Camera: Panavision

Electric and Grip: Cinelease

Dolly: JL Fisher

Wardrobe: Opening Ceremony, Universal, Western, The Ruby, Warner Brothers

Production Supplies: Quixote

VTR: Piece of Cake

Steadicam: Race Entertainment

Playback: Piece of Cake

Catering: D&R Catering

Agents: La La Land

Dancer Studio: Dance Arts Academy

Location: Fox Investment LLC, LA Theatre,

Permitting: Film LA and Pacific Production Services

Location Mats: Loco Mats

Trash: A+ Services

Pianos: Knauer Pianos

Parking: Paragon Parking, City Center Parking

Security: Action Force Security


Designed and built in collaboration with digital agency Heat Waves