Client: Coca Cola
Date: Jul 2019
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Coca-Cola wants its customers to think back to various moments and memories they associated with taking that first sip of its iconic fizzy drink.

Taste is one of the strongest senses out of the five. Just placing something tasty on the tip of your tongue has the capacity to send you back to pleasant memories of hazy summers of years gone by.

Building on this insight Coca-Cola has launched ‘Magic Taste of Coca-Cola’ campaign, which centres on the flashback adventures of a young woman and her giant animated tongue.

Created by Wieden + Kennedy, the spot opens with our protagonist caught in the pouring rain, trapped into a city that’s tired and dismal.

After she guzzles down a mouthful of Coca-Cola from the bottle clasped in her hand, her tongue unleashes itself upon her various memories associated with the first sip of cola.

The giant tongue travels back to a sunny beach, where our girl runs wild and free with her pals, before heading back a ski slope where she effortlessly glides down the snowy mountain. This scene then turns into a film that she’s watching in the cinema before they dance with friends at a house party.