Client: Equinox
Date: Jan 2018
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Fitness and lifestyle brand Equinox is again going beyond the usual ‘new year, new you’ resolution push with a new take on its ‘Commit to Something’ campaign, featuring one-of-a-kind luxury products inspired by the passion and persistence of some of the most committed people and organizations.

‘Commitment, A Collection’ by Equinox was conceived to subvert typical perceptions of luxury. From items like ‘The Truth Lipstick” to ‘Eau de Blood, Sweat and Tears,’ each product serves as proof of commitment. The catch? None of the items are for sale.

Designed by some of the world’s most provocative fashion forces, the products explore the real-life stories behind seminal moments like The Washington Post’s truth-seeking journalists, the gay civil rights pioneers of The Stonewall Inn, and inspiring people like marathoner/activist Kathrine Switzer, and other committed people and organizations.

‘Commitment, A Collection’ by Equinox, developed in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy New York, is brought to life by designers curated by stylist Mel Ottenberg, with Steven Klein-shot imagery that serves as an homage to classic luxury fashion advertising and an e-commerce hub,, featuring interactive narratives on each product and ways to donate to their respective causes.


Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York

Client: Equinox