Client: Ford
Date: May 2022
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The American automaker tapped culinary creators at Ghetto Gastro, tattoo artist Suro Shinn and musicians Imani Lauren and Kaelin Ellis to bring their unique talents to Ford front trunks, or frunks, to showcase the electric power and additional space they supply.

Made famous by Porsche and Ferrari, the frunk (a portmanteau of “front” and “trunk”) has made its way to countless other vehicles since Kanye West rapped, “Y’all pop the trunk, I pop the hood, Ferrari” in his 2007 single ‘Good Life’.

To promote the spaciousness and versatility of the frunks on its electric F-150 Lightning and Mustang Mach-E models — made possible by the absence of a combustion engine under the hood — Ford today unveiled a playful new campaign.

Created in tandem with Wieden + Kennedy New York, the three-part video series sees a handful of influencers and creators of various persuasions using the frunk in new, imaginative ways. With each episode, Ford aims to speak to a core element of culture: design, food and music.