UKNY Music: Brand Identity by White Bear Studio

Client: UKNY Music
Date: Oct 2016
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White Bear Studios challenge with this piece of work was to communicate choice, diversity of music and position UKNY Music at the forefront of the music scene. We created a bold yet classic and premium logo with a contemporary brand language. This allows UKNY music to be flexible in their tone of voice, therefore it can appeal to an exclusive private wedding and a new brand music event with top brands.

Photography is where UKNY found their voice. By creating a strong image treatment, we enabled UKNY music to own their photography. Using bright colour saturated live imagery we appealed to youthful and vibrant brands. We then contrasted this with impactful, high contrast black and white profile shots to engage a more exclusive audience creating an interesting dichotomy. Previously it had been difficult to acquire bespoke shots with a lot of imagery relying heavily on PR agencies so this was a powerful solution.


Creative: Martyn Garrod, Kelly Mackenzie

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