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BBC SPORT: Women’s Six Nations 2018 Opener by Whisper FIlms

Date: Feb 2018
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BBC Sport’s trail for the Women’s Six Nations features the rugby tournament's captains fiercely lip-syncing to Lorde’s dark cover of Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Created by Whisper Films, the spot highlights the physical dedication of female rugby players through close-up shots of intensive gym sessions, intercut with shots of impressive yet painful-looking tackles on the field.

Lorde’s slowed down, minor key cover of Tears for Fears’ 80s classic provides the soundtrack, while the final third of the 60-second promo sees all six women’s team captains join in as a choir in darkness


Execs: Mark Cole and Sunil Patel

Film Producer/Director: Richard Gort

DOPs: Chris Dunford and Carly Brown

Camera Assistant: Dan Donovan

Production Manager: Jamie Macintosh

VT Editor - Amrit Fox-Bharry