Date: Sep 2018
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Excedrin is a product made for headaches brought about by the stresses of daily life, states a new campaign and limited edition packaging for the pain reliever.

The packaging leads the way, with three special versions of the pain reliever, including ‘Commuter Edition,’ ‘Bad Date Edition’ and ‘Adulting Edition,’ to bring relief where it’s needed most. These limited editions packages are available exclusively at while supplies last.

The Excedrin limited editions are an extension of ‘We See Your Pain’, a program designed to help unite head pain sufferers and unveil the often invisible pain they endure through creative visualizations.

Headache pain is highlighted in two new video spots. In one, a woman is seen, her face in pain as the visual of crashing, pounding waves echo throughout her head. The voice over states that Excedrin sees her pain and what’s possible without it, as the waves fade and the woman is able to rejoin the wedding party she is attending. The other takes a similar tack, with a lightning and thunder storm going on in another woman’s head. Both ads state that Excedrin focuses on headaches and that the extra strength version works fast to relieve pain.


Brand: Excedrin


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